We are still working and shipping out orders, we have half the staff as normal and receiving many more orders than normal, we are currently about 2-3 days behind, we almost get caught up then the weekend comes back around and puts us behind again, even though we have been working 7 days a week, we are using weekends to check off delivers and restock shelves, if you are waiting for something to come back in to stock, it’s either already here or is on it’s way to us.

We are receiving lots of emails every day from people asking where their order is, this is taking up at least an hour a day to answer these, Royal Mail are very busy, online shopping has exploded, but unfortunately some people are not taking this in to account and expecting things to be delivered as normal, Royal Mail are in some places 7-10 days behind with deliveries, and due to this we have decided to only offer tracked services, while Royal Mail treat these as priority services, they are still taking longer, you will not get them in 24 or 48 hours as the name suggest, but you will get them quicker than standard 1st & 2nd class, it does cost a little more than normal.

A quote from my Royal Mail account manager “As you are aware covid 19 has certainly slowed down our operations and not every household and business will receive a delivery every day – it may be 2 or even 3 days depending on staffing levels in that area.

We are processing DPD orders within 2 working days, and so far we all seem to have been delivered the next working day.

Our phones are not always on due to lack of staff, we are not taking orders over the phone, please use our website.

Some people don’t seem to understand what we mean when it says we are 2-3 days behind with processing orders, these are normal working days, Monday to Friday, if you place your order on a Monday it will not go out until at least Wednesday, if you order on a Wednesday it might go out Friday but depending how many orders we have it might be Monday.

Update 27/04:
Another busy weekend, we have been in over the weekend and have filled the shelves and processed quite a few orders, we are still several days behind but are slowly catching up, as we are learning as we go, orders with a lot of glass are slowing us down, so the processing time for these types of orders will be delayed a little longer, although choosing DPD as the delivery option will speed processing time up, as we are not limited by weight so can use more packaging which makes it quicker to pack.

Update 01/05:
WOOT!! WOOT!! We have managed to catch up, it’s been a great team effort, all orders placed before 3pm (Royal Mail) 2pm (DPD) today have been sent, we do not send orders out over the weekend because we don’t have a courier collections, we will use the time to restock our shelves as they are looking quite empty, we have had plenty of deliveries this week, unlike some companies we only sell items we know we have on the shelf and can send out straight away.

The weekend is going to put us back a little, but not as much as the previous weeks, but please keep in mind there is only 3 of us to pack several hundred orders, which does take quite a bit of time.

Update 01/05:
Don’t forget Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday, no post will be sent out or delivered, Monday 4th is a normal day.

Update 11/05:
The bank holiday has put us back, but we should be able to catch up in a few days, currently we are 2-3 days behind, again.

Update 16/05:
We managed to catch up with all orders on Thursday, all orders that have been placed before our normal cut off times have been sent out. We won’t be able to get all orders out Monday due to the weekend orders, but there is no reason why we can’t catch up again by Tuesday, thank you to all our customers old and new for your support in these strange times. The RM tracked service we have been using has proven to be very good, apparently it’s routed differently to standard 1st and 2nd class mail, and most people have received their orders within a couple of days, and not the 10 days+ we experienced with standard mail at the start of lockdown.

We have had lots of comments about the service and have decided to only send orders tracked, we have been given better prices by Royal Mail and just waiting for them to apply them to our account, once they have the delivery prices will go down, and it won’t cost much more than our previous standard price.

As we are starting to get back to a “new normal” this will probably be the last update on this page.

Phones are back on, so if you need advice before purchasing feel free to call, if you want to place an order, it’s prefered if you use the website, but if you aren’t comfortable ordering online then we will take your order over the phone.

Stay safe.