We have evolved and revolutionized the rules that governed acrylic paints, allowing to present the third generation acrylics at the service of the world of scale
modeling and fine arts.

These paints feature high opacity and pigmentation, and they are specially formulated to be applied by brush and airbrush to scale
models and miniatures made of resin, plastic or metal.

We needed to improve the acrylic paints available on the market thus far:
Acrylic colors have been widely used by modelers. They have great advantages such as the absence of toxicity, but these paints have not yet been able to offer
comprehensive functionality due to grip deficiencies, clogging in the tip of the airbrush or coverage problems.

We took on the challenge of maintaining their
advantages, solving their issues and improving their characteristics. Now you have the solution. After a long time developing and perfecting new formulas in
the laboratory we wanted to show you the results. Painting with acrylics will no longer be the same …

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