Ready mixed, water soluble translucent weathering liquid. It’s dye, not acrylic paint.

For use on models and scenery.

For interior use, (but can be applied to exterior surfaces if sealed first with a matt sealer/varnish spray).

Can be applied to plastic, metal, stone, plaster, painted surfaces, card and paper.

Dries quickly. Pour straight into an airbrush for spraying, or into a paint pot for painting, does not need thinning.

When dry, the weathering liquid can be rewetted using just water, and smudged or wiped to create more realistic weathering effects, just like the Modelmates weathering spray cans.

To make recesses and panel lines look dirty, apply the weathering liquid by paint brush or airbrush, wait until dry, then wipe the weathering liquid off the surface using a slightly damp tissue or cotton bud. This leaves some of the weathering liquid trapped in the recesses and panel lines. The dryer the tissue or cotton bud, the less weathering liquid is removed.

If a surface is porous it will absorb the weathering liquid and cause permanent stains, apply a small amount to hidden a surface to test if it is porous and also to ensure compatibility and adhesion before final application. Please read instructions on jar before use. If application is by airbrush, use a lower pressure when spraying. Always use in a well ventilated space and wear a good quality face mask. Wash airbrush in warm water after use.

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