Scale Model Shop Reward Points With our reward points you can earn points from your purchases towards furture orders. No codes or vouchers to redeem just shop as normal to earn and spend them, you must create an account on our site, if you haven’t already done so you can do that here. Each product has a vaule which is shown on the product page. On the basket page you will be shown how many points you currently have and how many you will earn for your current order. Click on apply points and you can chose to add some or all of your points, any points you earn last 365 days before then expire, so you can save them up from previous orders, you don’t have to spend them on every order, when you click apply the discount will be added to your current order and removed from the total We will be adding more options to earn points, you will get points for leaving product reviews, and you will get bonus points for the more orders you place, these will be coming soon, we will update this page with more information soon. Q: Do I get points for postage? A: No, points are only for products Q: Do all products have points? A: Only gift cards and vouchers don’t have reward points.