1st Scale model shop delivered fast


Scale model shop delivered fast 👍A*

The model.
Thunderbird 1 1:144
Excellent detailed model.
Easy to build, not to many parts.
Seams are in place that’ll be minimal on the model, less filler.
Transfers didnt break when I put them on.
Only grype with it is the wings, the cogs that open both of them slip so it dosnt open evenly, one at a time.
Dont want to fiddle with it incase the wings come loose from its housing from within the model, Wont be able to put them back otherwise.
Keeping mine in wings closed position in the vertical position.
You have the option to have landing legs if you want it displayed horizontally, but you wont be able to close the wings or change to flight mode, its glue them in.
It’s one or the other.

Theres also a gun you can glue on the underside if you want to.
Dosnt come with a display base, so I’m making my own, one that T1 sits on in its hanger under the pool to finish it off.

The Gerry Anderson people need to do T2, T3 in 1:144 now.

Overall, excellent model

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