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Our AK weathering pencils are a simple way to add amazing weathering effects to your scale model kits. They are water-based, semi-greased and formulated specifically for weathering.

We also have an extensive range of AK Interactive pencil sets in a wide array of colours that create unique weathering effects. With our AK interactive pencils, you can create dirt, stains, metal, camouflage, rust, and dust effects to elevate your modelling.

As well as our AK interactive weathering pencils, we also supply Humbrol weathering pencils. Our Humbrol weathering sets come in 6 different colours for you to use to create the perfect weathering look for your modelling project.

Explore all of our weathering pencil products and add more detailed weathering effects to your scale model projects today!

To get the best results from your AK weathering pencils, follow these steps on how to use them properly to create your desired effects:

1. Make sure the base layer of paint has already been applied to your model before using your weathering pencils. Ensure the acrylic base paint you choose isn't too shiny or glossy to get the most out of your pencils.

2. In order to bring out more colour from your pencils, gently heat up the tips with a hairdryer.

3. Then apply your pencil to your model and add your desired detailing and weathering effects.

4. Elevate your weathering and detailing with your pencils, with washes and thinners to make your detailing look more authentic.

AK weathering pencils are made from a specifically formulated material which makes them ideal for adding weathering effects to model kits. They are water-based with a 17-inch semi-greased paint and are available in a variety of colours and pencil sets.

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