Explore our Scale Model Weathering Pigments

At Scale Model Shop, we provide a broad selection of weathering pigments and powders to add stunning weathering effects to your modelling projects. Our weathering pigments are ultra-fine making them perfect for dry brushing to bring out the fine weathering details in your scale models.

We have a variety of different colours and effects for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect colour sets to create unique weathering effects. With our weathering powder and pigments you can create rust, metallic, earth, dust and many more.

At Scale Model Shop, we also supply market-leading modelling brands for weathering pigment and powder products such as AK Interactive, Humbrol, Vallejo and Ammo

Add more detailed weathering effects to your scale model projects with our pigments and powders!

Weathering pigments and powders are very easy to apply to your scale model kits. Simply take a dry brush and apply the pigment or powder onto it. Then blend your pigments and powders onto your model by dry-brushing the area you want to add the weathering effects too. However, you need to make sure you use a clean brush, otherwise, you could end up ruining your model.

There are a few ways in which you can fix your weathering pigments once they have been dried. Because these are applied onto a dry brush, you simply wait until the pigment has dried and then use water to dilute the mixture on your model kits. Once it has been diluted it should take some pigment off. Then simply reapply the pigment once the model is dry to start again.

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