Shop Decal Solution for Scale Models

Looking for a decal solution that will improve the adhesion of a decal for your scale model? Scale Model Shop has a great selection of decal solutions from top-quality brands, including AK Interactive, Humbrol, and Mr Hobby

It is recommended before applying decals to put a gloss coat on your model first. Then simply apply a thin layer of the decal solution, using a brush, to the surface area of the scale model before and after the decal has been positioned. This will help the decal conform to the curves, panel lines or protrusions on the scale model and allow you to move it with ease for precision placement. 

Some solutions are a two-part process like Microset and Microsol, in this case, you would apply the softener first (Microsol) and let that dry, then apply the hardener (Microset). You can then apply another coat of gloss varnish to do any further weathering and finish off with a matt varnish.

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