Vallejo paints range are Model Air, Model Color, Panzer Aces. Model Air Vallejo are designed for airbrushing and need no thinning, made from finer pigment than Model Color and Panzer Aces Vallejo paints they will give you a great finish to your model, if you are new to airbrushing Model Air are great way to pay more attention to airbrushing and not having to worry about thinning your paints.

We stock Tamiya Tamiya Acrylic paints are used on most model plastics such as styrolresin and styrofoam. The paints can be washed away with plain water before curing. Available in gloss, flat and clear colours, with also a thinner and a flat base. Acrylics dry quite fast fast. Tamiya acrylic modelling paint is designed to be brushed straight from the container or used in a model airbrush when thinned out with water at a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part thinner usually.

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